A.T.L.A.S. HL 

Administrative Tool Log Analyzer Script for HL

Submitting Logs



The idea behind ATLAS HL comes from an HL server administration standpoint, be it Counterstrike, Day of Defeat, HL2DM and other variations, that would allow server admins to have a conduit for both presenting server logs to interested gaming communities and to be able to look for specific events/trends when analyzing a player's behavior. 

ATLAS HL intends to be perl driven script set that will read in HalfLife formatted log files and output the results to either a static end user viewable format (HTML) or provide a formatted  output that is easily translated into a database format.  Under the database, a server administrator could easily track players by ID, actions performed
(TK/TW) and various other attributes that are found in HL logs.

ATLAS HL does not intend to be or become a player vs player stat engine, but rather a long term trackable history for how players act on a server based on what actions they do in game.  As one of the hardest things for a server admin to do is to track repeat offenders, ATLAS HL hopes to become the toolbox that helps put the tools away.

ATLAS HL is being developed using standard Perl, both under Linux and Windows and will strive towards producing both a Linux and Windows working version for each update produced.  The main intention of ATLAS HL is to
provide a log parsing engine to output a readable format.  The
secondary intention will be to provide a database ready export, of which we are currently discussing XML or comma delim, which we feel will give the end user a choice of where they would like their database data to go rather than tie into a specific engine, making it possible
to go to mySQL, Access, etc, or even excel if the user desires.  ATLAS HL will be making secondary scripts for those interested in mySQL database injection of the data.